Wooden Lasercut Artworks by Martin Tomsky  

(vía fer1972)

Phil Barber Photography 

Art by Mike Mitchell find him and more of his creations here: sirmitchell

I fucking love the “static” over these digital versions. I only wish they did that in real life.

(Fuente: sirmitchell, vía kayfabe)

FX MOVIE POSTERS by Dani Blázquez

(Fuente: illustrationserved.com, vía checoche)

Matthew Woodson, Recent Illustrations.

Here are some recent illustrations by the excellent artist Matthew Woodson (Interviewed):

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Walt Disney Pixar Minimalist Poster Set - Created by MoonPoster

Available for sale on Etsy.

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Born to Kill by Cüneyt Özalp

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The Work of Berlin’s Meyoko

Using fountain pens with black and gold ink, Berlin-based illustrator Melissa Murillo, aka Meyoko, creates dark Art Nouveau-inspired work that acts as a doorway to a microcosmic wilderness populated by divine entities and mythical creatures, where chaotic forests of luxuriant hair are formed from intermingling floral and animal elements.

(Fuente: asylum-art, vía suarezart)