Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster (clic)

Alicia Savage.

Alicia Savage captures her life with a surreal twist that pushes beyond the static point and shoot. From absurd flights of fancy to soft reflective moments, each self-portrait conveys an independent sense of travel or transcendence: movement that emphasizes the importance of dreaming in relation to personal exploration and documentation. Conceptually, it’s that simple– but technically, it’s a little more challenging. Her exquisite use of color, light, setting, and digital manipulation curiously compels us to enter these departures with great anticipation.


Japanese artist “Tama-Chan” makes these amazing pieces of edible artwork out of sushi rolls!


Have a look at the highly skillful and highly imaginative artist Felipe Cifuentes hailing from Ibagué, Colombia, currently living in DF Mexico. Felipe easily uses both pencil and brush…

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Max-o-Matic. Aludd. Works from 2008 exhibition at Duduá Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

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Awesome currency works by Mark Wagner

New Work by KwangHo Shin

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The Only Magic Left is #ART01 is now 50% off and ships in 5 days.

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007 poster series by Mike Mahle 

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Six illustrações animation inspired by classic movies in black and white by Jublin Follow on Tumblr: art and stuff

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From Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein

These are so gorgeous, I want to cry.

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Concept by KirillMart

Concept by KirillMart

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