Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione has somehow managed to make an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy even creepier with his paintings of shadows. 

The way Baglione’s ‘shadows’ creep out from disused wheelchairs and lurk ominously on the walls makes it easy to imagine that they belonged to the tortured souls that used to inhabit the place. 

The work is part of Baglione’s ‘1000 Shadows’ project, where he paints silhouettes on floors and walls. 


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Illustrations by Basil Ponomarev

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Crucifixion Popsicle by Sebastian Errazuriz

Frozen red wine popsicles are distributed as cocktail refreshments to art gallery attendants,inviting them to “drink the kool-Aid.” The artist claims he previously carried the frozen winepopsicles to church, concealed inside a cooler, where they were then inadvertently blessed bythe priest while he was turning wine into the blood of Christ during the eucharist. The holyblood popsicle and its uniquely designed cross stick is a comment from the artist on the closerelationship between extreme religious fanaticism and religious bloodbaths throughout history.

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