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Particle SN 470915.

Paerticle SN 450915 II.

Particle G800301.

DANIEL ARSHAM  |   www.danielarsham.com

Daniel is an artist from Cleveland, now living in New York. His sculptures although minimalism are quite beautiful. He also explores many other mediums, so make sure to check the rest of his work.

Be sure to check out Unknown Editors on Tumblr & Facebook.

Pin-ups, Emily Burns

(Fuente: nevver, vía suarezart)

The Watchmen Portfolio by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore

(Fuente: ungoliantschilde, vía suarezart)

Niv Bavarsky.

Niv Bavarsky’s illustrations are jubilant explorations of the bizarre and beautiful (Lead piece above is a collaboration with Jesse Balmer and Nick Iluzada):

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Fingerings by Judith Ann Braun

Gabriele Dell’Otto

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Sam Bosma.

Incredible prints by Sam Bosma are available in his INPRNT store.  See more of his available work below:

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