Lauren Monger.

Paintings, illustrations and comics by Lauren Monger:

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some paint-overs i did for Life is Beautiful, a 3D animated short about a little guy named Anton, directed by Ben Brand. The folks animating it - the guys at Fube - are super talented and nice so i was really delighted to work with them! i was asked to polish up some rough sketches of scenes from Anton’s life, which are featured as photographs on his wall in the animation itself.

the movie premieres this month at the Netherlands Film Festival, so if you’re in holland in the last week of september, don’t miss it!!

Babel 05 by Nivanh Chanthara

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125 Incredible Fighter Game Background GIFs

Reddit user RudeBootie has created this massive gallery of some incredible backdrops for some of the most influential fighter games of all time. This gallery displays some beautiful art from old fighter games of past console generations in GIF form. Really showcases the art side of video gaming

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Chinese street artist DALeast has created a series of impressive street art murals. Using various elements like a boat, wave and eagle, the Chinese artist creates dynamic street artworks that are simply bursting with motion and energy. 

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Grandma’s Den by Carolina Cruz

Kevin Tong

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