THRONE - ‘THARSIS SLEEPS’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Nicos Livesey on Vimeo.

Created by: Nicos Livesey

Directed by: Nicos Livesey & Tom Bunker

Executive Producer: Harry Hill

Producers: Posy Dixon, Dan Keefe, Nicos Livesey

Lead 2D Animator: Blanca Martinez De Rituerto

2D Animation: Tom Bunker, Elisa Ciocca, Anne-Lou Erambert, Duncan Gist, Dan Hamman, Nicos Livesey, James Martin, Azusa Nakagawa, Nuno Neves, Joe Sparkes, Joe Sparrow, James Turzynski

3D Animation & Modelling: Luke Howell, Sam Munnings

Rostrum Camera Operators: Stefan Iyapah, Michalis Livesey, Theo Nunn

Embroidery Department: Liz Barlow, Rosy Maddison, Julia Owen, Victor Jakalfabet

Head Of Embroidery: Jen Newman

Interns: Daniela Alvarez, Daniel Matczak, Annalotta Pauly, Polina Sologub, Anna Streit, Lynn Yun, Jennifer Zheng

Sound Design: Alex Pieroni

Song: Throne “Tharsis Sleeps”

Graphic Design: Toby Evans

Digitzing: Tim Gomersall, Nicos Livesey

Supported By: Brother Sewing UK

A Lucky Features production in collaboration with Channel 4 & Dazed Digital

Special Thanks to: Steve Bliss, Martina Bramkamp, Amy Leverton, Ebru Oz, Clapham Road Studio, Kickstarter & All Our Backers.

Sponsored by: Bosh, Madeira Threads, Mother, Orta Anadolu, Wilcom Embroidery

photography by kahn & selesnick

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Marina Tiurina

The Companion

(Fuente: darksilenceinsuburbia, vía suarezart)

Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic 

Morgan Schweitzer.

Illustrations by Los Angeles based illustrator Morgan Schweitzer:

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Drawings by Oscar Llorens freelance illustration and designer based in Madrid.

(Fuente: turecepcja, vía suarezart)

Linnea Apelqvist is a Swedish set designer, currently living in London. Her work is so clean and polish, I want to live in the little worlds she creates. 

Selected by Mariana

27-year-old Japanese artist Maki Ohkojima specializes in what she calls “the mural beyond the frame,” referring to her tendency to create elaborate, sprawling paintings that spill off the canvas and onto the walls around it.

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