Pawel Kuczynski – Polish artist


Holger Trülzsch (Photographer, German), Veruschka von Lehndorff (Model, b. 1939 in Königsberg, East Prussia) -  from the book Veruschka’ Trans-figurations by Vera Lehndorff

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Drawings on Black Paper by Kyung Hwan Kwon

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Hyperrealistic paintings by Borja Bonafuente Gonzalo

Surreal furniture by Lila Jang

The strange and surreal furniture designer and Korean artist Lila Jang, who in his last series likes to twist and distort the classic French furniture of the 18th century. Lila Jang studied Design and Fine Arts in Paris and Seoul, and has already participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

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Fabian Schlaga

  • Cyclops
  • Jean Grey
  • Nightcrawler
  • Storm

This is mt shiznick

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Food Styling and Photography for “Goodforks”

By Marion Luttenberger

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Sergio Toppi.

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Fascinating characters made entirely with ribbons by Japanese artist Baku Maeda.

Keloid from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.

In a not too distant future, societies of all countries come to rely on an intricate network of artificial intelligence devices designed to bring efficacy to man’s life. Yet, man continues to devour himself in useless wars. A strong political hierarchy now divides all powers into three factions, and A. I. devices rapidly gain ground as efficiency becomes a priority.
As social revolts grow worse everyday, authorities seek ways to control their citizens. They decide to carry out a series of tests that will determine not only whether some crucial powers can be transferred to non human entities, but also whether man is ready to yield those powers.
The world has become a cell for all man and women, who withstand and endure their lives, rather than living them. Machines might have found a solution.
From now on, you are set free. ..


Keloid is not about robots, it is about men. Big Lazy Robot created this spec film — more than two years in the making — with the purpose of giving free reign to the creative aspects of production that many times are so much missed during profit work. And yes, we enjoyed the ride!



K3loid directed by JJ Palomo

Big Lazy Robot Crew ( :
Hugo Bermudez
Juan Civera
David Cordero
JJ Palomo
Leopoldo Palomo

Concept Design:
Aaron Beck
Greg Broadmore

Music and Sound Design:
Full Basstards(

Online Color Correction and Conform:

Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment