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Evelyn Bencicotva

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Like her compatriot Klaus Kampert, Berlin-based photographer Evelyn Bencicova is drawn to the human form.

Her ‘Ecce Homo’ series, which means ‘Behold the man’ in Latin, features photographs of graceful, contorted nude bodies piled on top of and against one another.

Sprawled across open areas and crammed into tight spaces, their expressive body language—curved spines, raised limbs and twisted torsos—seems to hint at meditations on the human condition.

The elegant composition, muted tones and disquieting nature of the images make for a mesmerizing viewing, drawing you in slowly but surely.

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Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel’s work is an astonishly good mix of hand-drawn linework and digital colouring that’s packed with detail – yet immediately beautiful from afar.

Illustrator, engraver and painter based in Madrid, graduated of Fine Arts in the University of Sevilla in 98. Since then he worked in different design studios and ad agencies in Andalusia. In 2004 he moves to Madrid. In June 2007 he begins to show his portfolio and after being selected amongst the 20 new talents of illustration, by the London based magazine Computer Arts, he begins his succesful carreer as an illustrator.

At present he has worked with virtually every major national agencies, and is starting with his first commissions and international expansion. He has worked with numerous national and international publications, last August by the cover of the North American publishing Los Angeles Times Magazine.

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Bernie Wrightson

Illustrations of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”

I felt so terribly in love with this illustrations, they render the novel beautifully. When I’m grown up I want to be as good as him. :)

This came in the mail today and I am oh so pleased. *cries at the beauty* 

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Contemporary glass artist Jeff Zimmerman born in Kentucky 1968, creates colorful, organic sculptures that exploit advanced glassmaking techniques - disquieting and spinning, his sculptures call attention to the inherent mutability of the world. Today his award-winning works are presented in galleries and museums around the world.

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Life is Beautiful (3D Animated Short Film) from Ben Brand on Vimeo.

Anton may be done with life, but life ain’t done with Anton. In his convincing decision to change his measly existence he discovers the real greatness of life.

'Life is Beautiful' is a 3D animation short made with support of Caviar Amsterdam, animation studio Fube, the dutch filmfund and the NTR. It's part of the NTR SHORT! competition that premiered at the Dutch Film festival 2013 in Utrecht.

For artwork and more information go to: facebook.com/Life.is.beautiful.theshort

Dutch Filmfestival 2013-09 Utrecht (Netherlands) Nomination debute competition
Shortcutz Filmfestival 2014-04 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
HAFF Filmfestival 2014-04 Utrecht (Netherlands)
Dresden international Filmfestival 2014-05 Dresden (Germany)
Golden Kuker Filmfestival 2014-05 Sofia (Bulgaria)
Toronto International Animation Festival 2014-07 Toronto (Canada)
Nothwest Animation Festival 2014-07 Portland (USA)
Short Shorts international filmfestival 2014-06 Tokyo (Japan)
Cinefiesta Film Festival 2014-07 Caugas (Puerto Rico)
The Art Factory 2014-07 USA (New Jersey)
The Matinee Project 2014-07 India (Mumbai)
Cluj Film Festival 2014 2014-10 Romenia (Cluj-Napoca)
FILE Anima+ 2014-10 Brazil (São Paulo)

Producer: Caviar Amsterdam
Writer / Director: Ben Brand
Co-writer: Ilse Ott
Animation studio: Fube
Producer: Niels Scheide / Rogier Dorant
Executive Producers: Jacques Vereecken / Sander Heeroma
Head of production: Liesbeth Timmer
Line Producer: Percy Tienhooven
Art Director: Vincent bisschop
Technical Director:Jasper van Nieuwenhuizen
Compositing: Koos Dekker
Rendering:Sebastiaan van Hesteren
Animatic: Percy Tienhoven
Head of Animation: Rik Schutte
Animation: Nanda van Dijk
Animator: Piebe van der storm
Licht & Shading: Ruud Coenen
Shading: Dimitar Kralev
Sound Design: Dennis Kersten
Editor: Wietse de Zwart
Music Composed by: Christiaan Verbeek
Storyboard: Natasha Stevie
Aditional Artwork: Lois van Baarle
Moddeling: Kjeld Slingeland / Vinnie Portier
Voice acting: Jankees van den Berg / Laura Branderhorst
Ben Brand
Acting: Fabian Jansen


Michael Visser
Patrick Nijman
Johan Boekhoven

Stone housethe ‘GHOSTS’ concept arts

SUPERMOINE HOLYPOP (le gardien du secret) from SUPAMONKS STUDIO on Vimeo.

Taste Holypop on holypop-soda.com/boutique/
Follow Supermoine on facebook.com/supermoine

Supermoine revient pour casser du viking !

La légende raconte que dans la région du Bugey se trouve une mystérieuse abbaye. Maintes fois assaillie par des hordes de guerriers sanguinaires, elle ne fut pourtant jamais conquise. Ses irréductibles moines semblent ne rien craindre, ils fabriquent une boisson dont la recette est encore aujourd’hui gardée secrète…

Supermoine is back to get the Vikings!
Legend has it that a mysterious abbey of the Bugey county, many times assailed by blood-thirsty Vikings, never fell. Its indomitable monks are fearless, they brew a potion whose recipe is still a secret to this day…


»» facebook.com/holypopsoda
»» facebook.com/BoxStories
»» facebook.com/BAND.ACEOUT

DESIGN: Jelly Gummies by Sam Lyon

Yep, you can go ahead and file this under ‘I don’t know what the fuck this is, but I like it.”

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Tatiana Kazakowa is an illustrator and digital artist from Moscow, Russia. She employs traditional techniques then enhances them digitally. She’s seamlessly combines subjects of traditional and new, mixed animals, floral blooms and UFO’s with Japanese elements in wonderful landscape in effort to create a whimsy effect with great details.

Visit her Behance portfolio.

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