Tall Painting – The art of dripping paint. Artist Holton Rower

More oil paintings by kevin beilfuss

War of the Worlds by Lukas Brezak

War of the Worlds taught us the obvious, but easy to overlook lesson that us not to believe everything you read or hear until it has its cold, slimy tentacles coiled around you. Prints available at Society6. 

Artist: Behance / Tumblr / Website

Can Art by Mydogsighs

Camera Obscura by Abelardo Morrell.

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Dan Quintana.

Paintings by Dan Quintana.  Dan has a show opening Saturday, May 25th at Varnish Fine Art in San Francisco, California.  Check out more of his work below:

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The Surreal Books Jonathan Wolstenholme

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work-in-progress images of my Innocent Girls III

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