El arte de Alfonso Azpiri 

Legendary Beauties by Brittney Lee

(Cut paper & gouache)

(Fuente: lohrien, vía 150679)

Beautiful Animal Portraits by Morten Koldby

(Fuente: whitedreamangst, vía ulriccollette)

Handcut COllages by Seana Gavin 

The Words Spell (by Peter Preffington)

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Omar Ortiz painting ‘Cielo Rojo’

Hanna-Barbera Series by Mitch O’Connell / Blog / Store

Mitch has collected his pop art career in a new 284pg book entitled, ‘Mitch O’Connell, the World’s Best Artist’. This full color tome comes with a foam-filled, vinyl, glitter-enhanced cover, what else for the King of Kitsch.

Gallery Nucleus are hosting a signing and exhibit of original art to coincide with the book’s release to be held on the 23rd Feb 2013, so head HERE for more details.

(Fuente: xombiedirge, vía suarezart)