Migration is a hauntingly beautiful series by multimedia artist and illustrator Nick Pedersen

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Cool Illustrations by Roberto Morales

Finger Paintings Art by Artist Iris Scott

Dark Oils by Jeff Christensen

It’s a dark, Guillermo del Toro-esque world that Jeff’s macabre denizens inhabit, living out tormented existences or living to torment others. His oil paintings reflect an underworld of impossible anatomies and wretched landscapes while still possessing an almost innocent, Alice in Wonderland-style whimsy.

Artist: Deviantart / Facebook

Marek Okon is a 30 year old concept artist from Poland who works with digital painting and matte painting for film, videogames and books. Marek is really passionate about painting and considers it a huge part of his life as well. Entirely self taught using online resources, Marek is one of the leading digital artists in the world.

See the rest illustrations here: http://inspirationfeed.com/inspiration/artists/25-mind-blowing-matte-paintings-by-marek-okon/

Texstyle Creatures by Jeremy Kool

To showcase some of the high-end fabrics from Texstyle, Jeremy remastered some of the animal kingdom’s greatest hits using CG modeled textures that look amazingly realistic and soft to the caress. I want to pet them so hard.

Artist: Behance / Blogspot / Twitter

The Simpsons house cutaway.

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Urs Fischer - Untitled, 2011

Photos by [Stefan Altenburger]

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