Antonio Gonzales Paucar's “Shoes that Break the Silence”

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Childhood - [Adult Swim] from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Short film about childhood for Adult Swim

Written/Directed/Designed by David OReilly
Animation by Max Stohr & Cesar Bravo
Rigging by Amy Hay
Sound by Brent Busby

Charles Bukowski. Uncensored. from Quoted on Vimeo.

In 1993, candid conversations between Charles Bukowski, his wife, and his producer took place in Bukowski’s home during the recording session for his classic Run With the Hunted.

We brought the outtakes to life for HarperCollins.

Animation by Drew Christie

Kate MccGwire (previously) born 1964 is an English sculptor who specializes in the medium of feathers. Her work experiments with the binary notions of beauty and disgust, malice and tranquillity, and the familiar yet otherworldly. Her use of pigeon feathers takes a waste product of the ‘rats with wings’ and elevates them to the status of art. By re-framing the object, placing it out of context, it generates a kind of ‘field of attraction’ around it, the viewer is left both seduced and alienated, relishing the spectacle but at the same time aware of something disquieting, something ‘other’.



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Pejac. Seppuku

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Showcase: Matt Tkocz (

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