Harold Fisk. The Alluvial Valley of Lower Mississippi River, 1944.

Zach Koch.

Abstracted pop culture paintings by Zach Koch:

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Mudokon Taxidermy by Elijah Evenson

Part of the Press Start…to Continue art show at Ltd Art Gallery / Tumblr.

(Fuente: xombiedirge, vía geek-art)

Boo Who? Series by Andrew Wilson / Blog

5” X 7” giclee prints, Blind packed in sets of 3 with 16 in total. Part of the Press Start…to Continue art show, at Ltd Art Gallery / Tumblr. Available HERE.

(Fuente: xombiedirge, vía geek-art)

Mark Michelson

Super Mario Brothers Parkour… In Real Life

Created by Warialasky

(Fuente: gamefreaksnz, vía it8bit)