Black Flame by Max Elmberg Sjöholm
Artist website

Black Flame by Max Elmberg Sjöholm

Artist website

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Life With Awareness (by Joseph Scheer)

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Zodiac by Mustafa Soydan

The Snow Queen by a-hour

DA user a-hour has been assembling these ominous portraits of characters from Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen” and they seem to match the macabre nature more associated with fairy tales of yore.

Artist: DeviantArt

TV Terrariums by Face of the Earth

I’ve always dug Terrariums because they’re lush, tiny worlds that require little effort to sustain, but welcoming enough that I can satisfy my desire to shrink myself down and explore its overgrown paths with a machete. Well, a tiny machete. Rachel at Face of the Earth creates miniature ecosystems that are already populated with little lifeforms, along with the added bonus that they’re recognizable ones as well: you can find the Crystal Ship RV from Breaking Bad (along with Walt in his undies), the haunted house from Beetlejuice, and a Hobbit Hole with nary a Dwarf in sight to ruin everything. All items are available to purchase at Rachel’s etsy.

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100,000 toothpicks + 35 years = ‘Rolling through the Bay’ by Scott Weaver.

The Concept Art of Yongsub Noh.

Photos of Cusco circa 1930 by Martin Chambi, 

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