Duramen by Bonsoir Paris

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PORCELAINIA from Dave Altizer on Vimeo.

This is the story of Teacher, Scientist, Artist- Bobby Jaber.
Bobby is my Great Uncle and for years I have wanted to tell his story. This short documentary film doesnt even scratch the surface of the amount of work and art Bobby has produced. Sit back and enjoy what my family and myself have had all our lives, the artistry and story of Bobby Jaber.

Learn more about Bobby’s work and procedures to producing his art at: porcelainia.com
If you are interested in purchasing some of Bobby’s art you can contact him at: bobbyjaber@gmail.com

A film by Dave Altizer
Starring Bobby Jaber
Shot on Canon 7d in Technicolor Cinestyle picture profile.
Lenses: Canon 24L, 50L and 16-35L
Graded using Film Convert

Be sure to watch all the way to the end for a funny blooper :)

Sketchbook illustrations by Craww

Manabu Ikeda.

Paintings by Manabu Ikeda: Read More

Yongsung Jang.


Particle SN 470915.

Paerticle SN 450915 II.

Particle G800301.

DANIEL ARSHAM  |   www.danielarsham.com

Daniel is an artist from Cleveland, now living in New York. His sculptures although minimalism are quite beautiful. He also explores many other mediums, so make sure to check the rest of his work.

Be sure to check out Unknown Editors on Tumblr & Facebook.

Pin-ups, Emily Burns

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