ZombiU. Concept Art by Morgan Yon.

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1959 by Craig Mullins

The beauty of Rapture before the fall.

Artist website

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Vegetarium shoot (by Fabrice Fouillet)

LEGO Watercolors by Los Carpinteros

A world made out of LEGO bricks is a world I want to live in, just preferably with adequately protective footwear. These sprawling landscape and structural paintings by the artistic group Los Carpinteros depicts a future where LEGO took control and rebuilt the world in their image, with the true building blocks of reality.

Artists: Website (via: IT LEGO)

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Paintings by michelle doll

The Walking Dead Posters by Big Bad Robot.

Supergirl II, step by step pics with the same not-so-very-helpful notes as before lol.  The clear version is on my deviantart.

Artwork © *dCTb

Supergirl © DC Comics

All work done in GIMP

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Introducing Phoot Camp Scouts!

A photography project by Paul Octavious.