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Taisuke Mohri, The Cracked Portrait #2, pencil on paper/glass,2012. 

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Four photographs of Monet in his Studio at Giverny by Henri Manuel

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Kevin Roosevelt Kao.

The Wonderful World of Lisa Frank, 2012. Stoneware, underglaze, glaze, 14” x 10” x 11”.
(photography by Richard Burkett)

Untitled (Mary Janes), 2010. Children’s encyclopedia books, wire, stoneware., 36” x 32” x 29”.

Here are a couple of exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Fionna and Cake covers from BOOM! Studios and Kassandra Heller (top) and Natasha Allegri.

If you can’t make it to America’s Finest City this week, visit the link below for the details on the four pre-order packages of BOOM!’s exclusive titles and variants available at Comic-Con.

Boom! Reveals San Diego Exclusives And Preorder Details – No More Lining Up For Adventure Time?

Paintings from the Pixel animal series, by Laura Bifano.

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Famous Shoes by Federico Mauro

"Throughout popular culture, we have come to associate specific looks and styles with certain people. One example of such ‘trademarks’ is shoes."

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Sculptures Using Paperclips by  Pietro D’Angelo 

Last year, NeonMob, (an online collectible social network community) got me for a set of cards. I came up with this set called Confictura, which was a guidebook to the various inhabitants of this world known as Kala.

They gave me free reign to draw whatever I wanted and I drew inspiration from all the different mythological creatures I loved as a kid from all sorts of different cultures and stories, and tried to make it work in this weird wild world. I tried to cram in as much beloved creatures as possible.

As far as I know, I’m only allowed to share 5 pieces of this 100 card set I made. Here are some of my favorites. You can collect the rest over at NeonMob

High Speed Photographs of Paint Soaked Toys Spun with Centrifugal Force

photographer Peter Schafrick of paint-soaked Barbie dolls, dog chew toys, and tennis balls. Schafrick created a special rig dubbed the Spinster that allows him to quickly launch each dripping object into a spin at which point he snaps a shot. See more here.

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Paintings by Thierry Feuz

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