Grandma’s Den by Carolina Cruz

Kevin Tong

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Super Heroines by Mady Martin

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Unrequited Love by Dan Shearn

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Breaking Badass by BossLogic / Twitter / Facebook

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More art by *ChristopherStevens

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Illustrations by Matri van den Heever

The Only Magic Left is #ART01

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Nigel Cooke. Paintings by Nigel Cooke:

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The Surreal World of Philippe Ramette

Born in 1961, Philippe Ramette is a French conceptual artist who plays with the viewer’s mind. Ramette creates gravity-defying photographs that appear to be digitally manipulated, using cleverly designed weight-bearing structures (or lead weights for the underwater shots), but in fact they are real world settings that were carefully arrangement, in order to achieve these impressive scenes. In Ramette’s surreal photography, surrealism literally invades reality. These self-designed devices allow him to stand/sit at seemingly impossible angles, hidden by his clothes or the angle in which the shot is taken. For some of the photographs we can visualize how it can be achieved, and the behind it, but for others, just make us wonder in astonishment. Could be really walking along the side of a cliff? What is actually going on?

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Illustrations : by Otto Schmidt

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