New work from Eiko Ojala.

Artist Nike Savvas transforms mathematic formulas into beautiful sculptures.

(vía wnycradiolab)

Rapture by James Roper

Says James about the Rapture series: “This is explicitly symbolised in the Rapture series by the use of porn stars as the vehicle for the expression of this ‘spiritual’ emotion, the shedding of carnal bodies giving way to an abstract purity beneath. The idea of release from the material to the spiritual is apparent in many religions as if there were a divine soul trapped in our earthly bodies, this is analogous to contemporary imagery found in comic books specifically the way in which Clark Kent, a normal man, sheds his clothes to become a Superman”. Prints available at inprnt.

Artist: Behance / Website / Tumblr

Reiner Riedler’s shots of original filmrolls from The Deutsche Kinemathek

The Unseen

Get it while it lasts, folks. The movies of the future will be all digital, all the time.

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Carboard Robots by Cardboardmyth