Giant God Warrior
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Pacific Rim Jaeger Blueprints

USA - Gipsy Danger
Russia - Cherno Alpha
Australia - Striker Eureka
Japan - Coyote Tango
China - Crimson Typhoon

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David Trautrimas.

Carbon Inversion Device, 2009. Digital print on archival paper, 20 X 30”, ed. /14.

Micro Re-Instigator, 2009. Digital print on archival paper, 30 X 40”, ed. /10

Storm Crown Mechanism, 2009 Digital print on archival pape, 30 X 40”,r ed. /10.


Solitude by Joe Fenton

Process shots show firstly working in graphite, then later adding ink and acrylic.

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Daniel Mackie is an award-winning illustrator who started practicing his craft in 1995. He creates a prismatic/psychotropic visions in watercolor – striking and engagingly esoteric. Each animals richly colored habitat is depicted within its own form, in a style influenced by traditional Japanese prints, vintage Chinese wallpaper, and Art Deco. 


Milo Manara - Storia dell’Umanità

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