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Saints Alive by Michael Landy

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Cristina Troufa collection of paintings are filled with the expressive emotions of women exploring themes of identity and self. She utilizes negative space on textured canvas to develop her figures, and her use of simple lines and soft color palettes are so perfectly fragmented that viewers will find themselves automatically filling in the gaps and piecing the composition together.

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Panic Room by Tilt

Red Battle by Lo Siento

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Emergence by Emma Lloyd

Ghost in the Machine by Erika Iris Simmons

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Gioconda Project by DZO Olivier

Akira Volume3- Katsuhiro Otomo

These images are so burned into my mind they feel like a part of me… (only I’m nowhere near that good)

I was thinking of this sequence a lot while I drew issue 3 of SHIELD vol.2. Here are some pages from that issue.

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