Street Art (by IEMZA)

Kyle Thompson

I’m sure you’re following this amazing young artist’s blog.

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Maps Portraits by Ed Fairburnvia

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Star Trek meets Pixar

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Brush works - Mattias Adolfsson

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The Magnificent Seven (by Philippe Petremant)

Illustrations by Stuart Patience

Machinery by Boris Artzybasheff 

Sculpture by Andy Ralph

Sculpture by Andy Ralph

Silent Cities by Yang Yongliang

Emerging from the ancient mists of a traditional Chinese painting, Yang’s sprawling landscapes get progressively more insidious as the details slowly come into focus: his photographic collages depict humanity’s inevitable conversion of nature into a soulless, inorganic machine. To really appreciate his intricate attention to detail, you’ve got to put your eyeballs right up close with this hi-res photo. Or see it in person at Yang’s exhibit at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris from March 14th through April 27th, 2013.

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The Whaling Naturalist via BibliOdyssey

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