David Palumbo

As a freelance illustrator, David Palumbo has provided genre themed artwork for everything from book covers and collectible card games to advertisements and concept design. His work has been awarded two Spectrum medals and has shown in galleries and museums from New York to Paris.

Urs Fischer - Untitled (2011) - Paraffin wax mixture, pigment, steel and wicks

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She’s the Post-Apocalyptic PIN UP with a bad-a$$ attitude. She does what she wants, where she wants, who she wants, and takes what she wants and doesn’t apologize to anybody. She has had crap happen to her and never let’s it stop her from being who she is, smart mouthed and sassy, geeky and trashy. G-d I F*n love this grrl!


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Portraits on Vintage Film Negatives by Nick Gentry

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Salsa Invertebraxa by Paul “Mozchops” Phippen

War…war never changes. Not even in the diminutive stage of a jungle floor, where Paul’s proboscis-droppingly gorgeous book takes place, written with a Seussical cadence and detailing the raw, always violent nature of inter-invertebrate warfare. Check out a passage below:

A constant din 
of witless nits, and 
saps whose senses lapse 
a host of jokers 
and chokers, 
of scrotes who 
idly scratch 
their sacs, 
and croakers who collapse 
All will pay their tax 
Taxpayers emit a 
familiar scream 
that rolls around the photosynthescene 
Give thanks 
for Darwin’s 
they take one 
for the team.

Despite its bright colors, it’s a somewhat darker look into the never-ending battle that takes place beneath our feet. You can purchase the book over at pecksniffpress, with framed prints available at DeviantArt.

Artist: Website (via: io9)