LA, New Orleans-based Artist Heather Hansen (tumblr) - "Emptying Gestures is an experiment in kinetic drawing. In this series, I am searching for ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another and creating something new in the process."

Photos by Bryan Tarnowski 

Banksy Street Art GIF

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New work by Photographer Fabian Oefner - This series is a continuation of my research of manipulating paint with different natural forces. In the “Black Hole” series, it was centrifugal force, that shaped the paints into colorful carousels. This time I used air pressure to create what I call “liquid jewels”.

(Fuente: devidsketchbook, vía whereart)

BIC Ballpen Drawings by Juan Francisco Casas

(Fuente: fer1972, vía suarezart)

Sketchbook pages by Craww

Colorful Illustrations by Bruno Miranda

Gravity-Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads

German artist  creates mind-bending site-specific installations in public spaces, sculpture parks and private gardens around the world. Her work is frequently punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness, where stacked objects like logs, fences, and doorways appear to be suspended in mid-air, reinforcing their temporary nature as if the installation is beginning to dissolve before your very eyes. One of her more recent sculptures, Schleudersitz is an enormous slingshot made from a common park bench, and you can get a great idea of what it might be like to sit inside it with this interactive 360 degree view.

(Fuente: asylum-art, vía tronken)

Illustrations by Kirk Quilaquil

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Early 70’s behind the scenes of Sesame Street with the Muppets.

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Cats Stylized as Classical Oil Paintings by Eldar Zakirov 

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