Paintings by Frederic Deprun

Vibrant paintings of nostalgic worlds in which the characters come to life and were inspired by childhood games, both real and imagined.

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Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski was born in 1982 in Kraków, Poland. He began uploading his work on Tumblr in April as konczakowski. He is obsessed with repetition, mirrors, self reference, emulation, time, subversion, decadence, memories and loss. He began working with Photoshop 5 years ago but only learned how to save a GIF this April.

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New York Camouflage by Trina Merry

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Illustrations by José Emroca Flores

Lauren YS’s “Kraken.”

On August 13th, 2014 in Vienna, Austria Lauren YS will open her first international solo show, “Kraken,” at Rabbit Eye Movement.  The show is a result of her summer residency at artist Nychos’s studio there in Vienna and will feature her hyper-kinetic, space age illustrations and paintings.  You can see more of her fantastic work below:

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Blasphemous Nature, Robert Bowen

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Collage Patchwork, Amelia Coward

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