Waves of Grain from Keith Skretch on Vimeo.

Images by Keith Skretch
Sound by Ennio Morricone, “The Big Gundown”

To create this strata-cut animation, I planed down a block of wood one layer at a time, photographing it at each pass. The painstaking process revealed a hidden life and motion in the seemingly static grain of the wood, even as the wood itself was reduced to a mound of sawdust.

Official Selection, Chicago Underground Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, Brooklyn Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, Provincetown International Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, DC Shorts Film Festival 2013

Created at CalArts.


Making: vimeo.com/99959146
Designer,Illustrator:megumi kajiwara megumikajiwara.tumblr.com
Designer,book bind:Tatsuhiko Niijima tn-bookshelf.tumblr.com
Movie Director:Kyotaro Hayashi kyoutaro-works.tumblr.com
Music:Ryu Matsuyama ryumatsuyama.com

Portraits made of Buttons by Augusto Esquivel

Handmade Typography Artowrks by imkf (on tumblr)

Realistic Drawings by Marcello Barenghi

(Fuente: fer1972, vía 2headedsnake)

Jemimah Patterson

Jemimah’s work is heavily influenced by the fact that she is one of a conjoined set of identical twins. This twinning creates resonant psychological dimensions that are reflected in her compositions; paired or mirrored motifs recur throughout her work, often creating surrogate double portraits.

(Fuente: asylum-art, vía suarezart)

I seem to have forgotten to post this completed illustration of Billy from Adventure Time that I did a while back now. It was for a cartoon themed art show here in my hometown but the thing didn’t end up happening here because there just wasn’t enough cartoony work to support the idea.

(Fuente: peppermintgentleman, vía shenaniganswillensue)